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Elevate your Business Eco Credentials

Is your business considering it’s impact on the planet? 

Would you like to take the next step and support employees who would like to live more sustainably?

My Lunch and Learn session brings simple tips on living a more eco-friendly lifestyle – along with the potential for saving money and seeing health benefits – to your employees.

Corporate Lunch & Learn

If sustainability a big part of your company ethos, educating your staff to become more eco-aware in their everyday lives will set your business apart

My Lunch & Learn sessions will empower your employees to make positive changes at home, taking your business eco-credentials one step further.

Better still, I offer you the option of a session providing a selection of tips from across the RAMP up your Sustainability program that I offer to individuals, or you can cherry pick a full session based on a particular topic from the RAMP up your Sustainability program. View my Sustainability topics here – it’s your choice!

Face To Face Workshops

The beauty of the face to face session is that engagement is generally much greater at in person events. I’m always happy to answer questions, whether that be during the presentation or in a designated Q&A afterwards.

I also bring examples of recommended eco products along for your employees to see first hand. 

£350 + travel

Online Presentation

The online option brings all of the same flexibility on whether I present a selection of tips or whether I focus on a specific topic for your employees, as detailed in the link above. If you have offices at multiple sites, or staff members working from home, the online presentation has the benefit of reaching more of your employees at any one time.

A Q&A is included at the end of this presentation.




“I’m ashamed to admit that I genuinely believed that recycling at home was doing my bit for the environment until Lyn quite literally unearthed a whole world of shops, websites, apps, and tips and hints of what really can be done to improve mine and my family’s carbon footprint.

I’ve loved learning from Lyn and implementing her ideas. Even if you are mindful of your footprint, I am certain that there is so much more that we can all learn from Lyn, I can’t recommend her enough.”



“Lyn has broken down her years of knowlege into a toolkit that is simple to follow. Her groups are brilliant, we have a different topic each month, as well as the WhatsApp group where she is always on hand to help with questions and links for products or tips.

I’d recommend Lyn’s groups to anyone who would like to make some changes to their lifestyle choices. She is kind, caring and passionate about the planet in a way which makes us all feel like we want to do the same.

Lyn is an inspiring teacher who we can all learn from.”



“We started working with Lyn just before our daughter was born as I knew it was a time that we could really make a big difference by being a bit more eco conscious.

Lyn came up with an amazing plan for us and gave us some priceless tips for becoming more eco-minded with our decisions while also saving a lot of money. Baby toys, clothes, beds, and essentials ended up costing us next to nothing and knowing we were helping the planet at the same was a nice feeling.

We have changed our choices for life, and I cannot recommend her highly enough”