Sustainability CoacHING

Sustainability coaching for everyday life





Want to invest in the future of our planet but unsure where to start?


If you’ve always wanted to be kinder to the planet but struggled to find the time to research ideas, or you simply get overwhelmed by the mountain of eco-information that’s out there then you’re not alone! That’s where I can help.

My RAMP up your Sustainability program shows you how to make small changes in your everyday life that collectively can make a really big difference to our planet. Why RAMP? I share Realistic Affordable Manageable Practical tips on being more eco-friendly. It really is easier and more affordable than you think!






Group RAMP program

£24 per month 

Online monthly sessions with me and a small group of other budding eco-warriors.

We cover the same topics as the 1-2-1 sessions, along with dedicated support from me on WhatsApp throughout.

3 months after the final session we will have a follow up meeting to share our experiences and progress, and I will introduce you to my sustainability toolkit.

Groups launch twice a year – March & October.
Enquire to put your name on the waiting list.


What You Will Get
60-minute live online sessions
Fixed monthly timeslot
Objectives to work on after each session
WhatsApp support between sessions
Recommended eco shops and brands
Detailed reference toolkit
A motivating group environment
Lots of new eco-friends!
Sustainability Topics
  • Bathroom and beauty
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Clothes and toys shopping
  • Energy saving
  • Reducing plastic in food shopping
  • Food waste
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable gift shopping
  • Technology
My Sustainability Toolkit

At the end of the course, you’ll get my bumper sustainability toolkit.

This valuable eco-bible contains everything we’ve covered in the sessions plus all the resources you’re ever likely to need for living a more sustainable life.

1-2-1 RAMP program

£30 per session 

Personal 1-2-1 sessions with me covering all my sustainability topics, delivered at your own pace as and when you can fit them in (daytime only).

Across 9 consecutive sessions we’ll uncover all aspects of sustainability at home, with a final follow-up session 3 months after completion to introduce my sustainability toolkit.

Between sessions you’ll get further support from me (as your personal eco-shopper) via a dedicated WhatsApp chat, so you can ask me ANY questions that crop up along the way.

What You Will Get

45-minute live online sessions
Flexible monthly timeslot
Objectives to work on after each session
WhatsApp support between sessions
Dedicated personal shopping support
Recommended eco shops and brands
Detailed reference toolkit

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one."

Mark Twain

Corporate Lunch & Learn

Is sustainability a big part of your company ethos?

Would you like to educate your staff to become eco-aware in their everyday lives as well as in the workplace?

My corporate lunch & learn sessions will empower your employees to make positive changes at home, taking your business eco-credentials one step further.


“I’m ashamed to admit that I genuinely believed that recycling at home was doing my bit for the environment until Lyn quite literally unearthed a whole world of shops, websites, apps, and tips and hints of what really can be done to improve mine and my family’s carbon footprint.

I’ve loved learning from Lyn and implementing her ideas. Even if you are mindful of your footprint, I am certain that there is so much more that we can all learn from Lyn, I can’t recommend her enough.”



“Lyn has broken down her years of knowlege into a toolkit that is simple to follow. Her groups are brilliant, we have a different topic each month, as well as the WhatsApp group where she is always on hand to help with questions and links for products or tips.

I’d recommend Lyn’s groups to anyone who would like to make some changes to their lifestyle choices. She is kind, caring and passionate about the planet in a way which makes us all feel like we want to do the same.

Lyn is an inspiring teacher who we can all learn from.”



“We started working with Lyn just before our daughter was born as I knew it was a time that we could really make a big difference by being a bit more eco conscious.

Lyn came up with an amazing plan for us and gave us some priceless tips for becoming more eco-minded with our decisions while also saving a lot of money. Baby toys, clothes, beds, and essentials ended up costing us next to nothing and knowing we were helping the planet at the same was a nice feeling.

We have changed our choices for life, and I cannot recommend her highly enough”


"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Sustainable Parenting


A one-off session aimed at new or expectant parents, where I share a whole host of tips on how to make more sustainable choices and save money when buying items for your children.

Followed up by 3 months of support from me on WhatsApp whenever you need it!

What You Get
45-minute live online session
Objectives to work on after the session

Recommended natural and sustainable brands

3 months of follow up WhatsApp support


Session Ideas
We can cover a wide range of topics and advice from clothes, toys, furniture and essentials.

Sustainable Gift Shopping


A one-off session ideal for anyone who would like to make their gift shopping more eco-friendly.

Full of helpful tips and resources to make your next celebration a more sustainable one.

What You Will Get
45-minute live online session

Objectives to work on after the session

Recommended eco shops and brands

2 months of follow up WhatsApp support

Session Ideas
We cover a variety of gift ideas, recommended places to shop and how to save yourself a lot of money over the years


“I signed up to her shopping one-to-one session before Christmas, which I found thoroughly enjoyable, invaluable, and very informative.

Lyn is bang up to date with information about all the latest earth friendly sustainable websites, which promote everything from eco-friendly gifts, beauty products, fashion items to wildlife encounters and much more!

I know I’ll be using all her suggestions for the rest of the year and beyond.”


WhatsApp Group

“There is so much to learn from Lyn.  She has the ability to impart her knowledge without preaching or judgement.

Condensing down her years of knowledge she delivers her courses with kindness and inclusivity, and is always on hand with genius little tips and website links via her WhatsApp groups.

We can all be doing more, and with Lyn’s help and advice it seems much easier.”