Public Speaking

Sustainability made easy





Raising awareness that living more Sustainably does not have to be difficult or expensive


My passion is to raise awareness that living more sustainably should not be too hard or too expensive.

I share how making small changes to everyday habits can have a significant financial saving as well as benefiting our planet.

I also believe we need to raise awareness of how being more eco-friendly is so much better for our health. Removing chemicals, plastics and toxins from our homes and our food has a direct impact on improving our health.

And I’m a huge advocate for the benefits of spending time in nature. Being outdoors, taking walks and getting our hands dirty are all proven methods of boosting our wellbeing. Self care is more important than ever – and this is directly linked to caring for our environment.

I have experience of talking at small intimate events as well as larger events such as the Ideal Home show and the Clean and Tidy Home show.

If you have an event where you would like me to share how easy and affordable being eco-friendly really is then please contact me.