Environmental Initiatives guide pt2

We know ‘doing our bit’ for the planet is THE most important thing we can do. However it’s so easy to think ‘what difference can I make? I’m just 1 person?’

This is where environmental initiatives are so important. Feeling like we’re a part of something much bigger spurs us on. Knowing we’re not on our own in our efforts is a huge incentive to do what we can. The realisation that the impact 8 billion people are having on this planet simply isn’t sustainable, but hundreds of millions of people worldwide are all trying to reduce their impact is of huge reassurance. Here’s my Environmental Initiatives guide pt 2 – starting with one of the biggest initiatives there is:


Plastic Free July – this started in 2011 with the simple aim of reducing plastic waste. It’s now a global movement that 100 million people worldwide take part in. In the 5 years up to 2023, participants avoided 10 billion kilograms of plastic waste. There is a wealth of helpful information and suggested swaps you can make to reduce plastic in your home. Plastic Free July – Be Part of the Plastic Pollution Solution

International Plastic Bag Free day – 3rd July. This is part of the Break Free from Plastic Movement which began in 2016. It’s focus is on looking for solutions to the plastic pollution crisis – making the planet safer for humans and wildlife and cleaning up our environment. Break Free From Plastic | Take Action

World Nature Conservation day – 28th July. There are events held globally by various conservation organisations to help educate the public on conserving our natural resources. We know the planet is struggling to support 8 billion people so taking part in these workshops helps us support the environment by sharing simple, constructive solutions.  WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY – July 28, 2024 – National Today

National Marine week – w/c 24th July. This is an initiative created by the Wildlife Trust, although it actually runs for a fortnight. It was organised to motivate people to better understand how to care for our seas and oceans. Our oceans contain 97% of the planets water and 80% of our planets biodiversity, so keeping them clean and healthy is critical. Events such as beach litter picks and initiatives that educate people about the threats we’re facing and how we can help are held over these 2 weeks. National Marine Week | The Wildlife Trusts


National Allotments week  – w/c 12th August. In association with The National Allotments Association, National Allotments Week is all about publicising the benefits of having an allotment. The theme for 2024 is Celebrating Biodiversity on UK allotments. I’m a huge advocate for growing our own produce – it’s a more affordable way of eating pesticide free food, reduces packaging and food miles and getting your hands mucky stimulates serotonin – the happy hormone. National Allotment Week | Allotment Online


Secondhand September – this initiative was created by Oxfam in 2019 to inspire people to shop for preloved clothing. The campaign promotes donating, reusing, repairing and restyling your existing clothes. The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders for greenhouse gas emissions and is widely known to have appalling ethics due to slave labour practices. Shopping preloved has never been so easy – and is a very affordable way of reducing your impact on the planet. Second Hand September | Oxfam GB

Zero Waste week  – the has run in first full week of September since 2008 with the aim of supporting households, businesses, schools and community groups to reduce landfill waste. There are some fantastic zero waste shops across the country which enable you to take your own reusable containers – such as spread tubs, cereal bags and yogurt pots – and fill them with your cupboard staples. You can also refill your spray bottles with cleaning products. Check our your local store to see just how affordable these shops really are. Home – Zero Waste Week

Fair Trade fortnight – runs from 9th September in 2024 – and this year is marking 30 years since Fairtrade products were first made available in our shops. This year they are encouraging you to #BetheChange – choosing products that ensure farmers receive a fair price for the produce they grow. Fairtrade Fortnight – Fairtrade

World Clean up day – 20th September. Their aim is to motivate 5% of the worlds population to create a long lasting social change in behaviour. Almost 20 million people from 198 countries are currently involved in cleaning up our planet. Sign up on their website to see how you can help. World Cleanup Day 2024


World Vegetarian day – 1st October. This was founded way back in 1977 to raise awareness of the benefits on vegetarianism on our own health. It’s proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and cancer. In addition to this, a vegetarian diet decreases greenhouse gases, preserves vital ecosystems and reduces the need for factory farming practices. Can you go meat free for 1 day? Maybe 1 week or 1 month? It’s easier then ever to access tasty vegetarian recipes. Why not start today? World Vegetarian Day | World Animal Protection

World Animal day – 4th October. This campaign exists to improve welfare standards around the world for animals and encourages animal lovers to take action against animal cruelty. World Animal Day | October 4th 2024

International E-waste day – 14th October.  Global e-waste is rising 5 times faster than reported e waste recycling figures. In 2022 62 billion kilos of e-waste was generated globally and this figure is expected to rise to 82 billion by 2030. 195 companies from across 55 countries took part. You can register your business on their website and do your bit to reduce this spiralling problem. International E-Waste Day 2024 – Recycle Your Electricals

Recycle week – 14th October. This has been running for 21 years! Recycling is the easiest step towards reducing our waste. Check out all the details for this campaign, as well as a host of useful information including a search option for your nearest recycling centres on the Recycle Now website. Recycle Week campaign | Recycle Now


World Vegan Month – this is celebrated throughout November to highlight the progress of the vegan movement over the last 80 years. If you’re curious about how to adopt a healthy vegan diet, there is support everywhere. Start by trying 1 vegan recipe a week, or even a month. You can also become a member of the Vegan Society for extra support. It’s so much easier then you’d imagine. My biggest tip is to check our The Medicinal Chef, Plant based diet recipe book by Dale Pinnock for nutritionally balanced tasty and family friendly meals. Celebrate World Vegan Month this November | The Vegan Society

Buy Nothing day – 24th November. This was created as the antithesis to Black Friday, the day when consumerism hits frightening peaks as so-called’ sales are at their highest. The easiest and most affordable of all the environmental initiatives, you are encouraged to just buy nothing. Refrain, reduce, refuse. Save your money by being a little less consumerist. BUY NOTHING DAY – NOVEMBER 24th 2023


World Soil day – 5th December. Where would we be without soil? Soil is made up of organic remains, clay and rock particles. It’s vital for growing our food and helps to reduce biodiversity loss however problems such as pesticide use, deforestation and poor agricultural practices are causing soil degradation and erosion. Yet we take it for granted. This day exists to raise awareness on the role of soil management in improving soil biodiversity and increasing soil health. It’s a critical yet undervalued resource for human survival. World Soil Day | United Nations

International Animal Rights day – 10th December. This event is observed on the same day as Human Rights day in order to highlight the connection between animal and human rights. Animals feel emotions and pain just as humans do so supporting laws that give them more protection against cruel practices is crucial. International Animal Rights Day | World Animal Protection

There are many many more fabulous organisations, events and initiatives that exist to support you in your quest to live a gentler, kinder lifestyle. You are NOT alone and your efforts are NOT in vain.

Take your pick of which environmental initiatives you need support with – and join local and global communities in protecting and restoring our beautiful planet. All living creatures rely on its health for their survival.