Why being Eco-friendly is more affordable than you think

How it all began

In October 2020 a friend of mine made a comment about how she thought being eco-friendly was expensive. This was a real light bulb moment – there and then, I knew I had to do something to prove otherwise. I had 2 young children and as a family we had been working on being more sustainable around the home for a number of years. For the sake of their future, I had to make it my mission to help others live more sustainably too. In March 2021, ECO for ALL was born, so I can share how being eco-friendly is more affordable than you think.

Knowing what I wanted to achieve was one thing. Working out how to achieve it was quite another. Cue phone calls to friends and family to line them up as guinea pigs for my sessions. Over the next few months, I gathered together years worth of experience, knowledge and brand recommendations and looked at how I could turn them in to something of use.

It became clear that categorising these tips in to specific areas of home life would work well. Then pouring out all this information in to a Toolkit – my Bible for Survival – took quite a while. It’s all come together and I’m so proud of it all.

Focusing on easy, manageable tips, small changes to daily habits and emphasising how many ‘eco-friendly’ practices actually save you money is at the core of everything I share. in my program

How is it more affordable?

Think energy saving, think buying preloved and reducing food waste. These are 3 huge areas in which you can reduce your spend. And don’t we all need that? Each of these topics are covered in my sessions. Putting it all in to practice and watching the mindset changes in my clients is hugely rewarding. I’m hearing success stories like “I’ve halved the amount of clothes washing we do as a family” or “I’m saving Β£15 a week on my food shop” proving that living in a more eco-friendly way is more affordable than you think.coins in clear glass jar with house fund sign